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Hydraulic Technology - The Driving Force behind India

Posted on 6th Jun 2016

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It is expected to overtake the economies of many developed countries in a matter of decades. One of the reasons why India is growing strong is because of Infrastructure. Infrastructural development is fuelling the economy. Infrastructure consists of four main areas of work – Mining, Drilling, Demolition and Construction. India is doing great in all these areas owing to technological advancement. This advancement is none other than the use of Hydraulic Technology.

Hydraulic technology completely or partially reduces the reliance on gears and levers in machinery. Gears and levers are subject to a lot of wear and tear, and considerably reduce the life and competency of machines. To put it straight, gear and levers are old and are being phased out, while hydraulic is new, and is the technology of the future. Hydraulic technology makes use of cylinders, motors and hydraulic fluids to power a machine. They considerably increase the machine’s strength and output. This technology is widely used in heavy-duty machinery like hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, motor graders, dumpers, vibratory compactors, cranes, trucks, forklifts, pavers, and bulldozers. 

According to one o India’s top hydraulic machinery companies, Indus Rock Tools, hydraulic technology is only going to get better and more affordable in the coming years, as more and more companies wake up to this industrial revolution. 

Benefits of Hydraulic Technology 

More Power – Equipment and machinery that make use of hydraulic technology generate more power than other equipment and machinery. Therefore, you can do a lot more with less. 

Cost-effective – This is one of the main advantages of this system. Since the technology increases the output capacity of a machine, the costs come down considerably. The machine’s life increase and depreciation decreases, resulting in further monetary gains. Also, the hydraulic technology reduces the dependency on costly labour. 

Increased Productivity – Hydraulic machines are faster and more effective. They get the work done faster, resulting in better profits. Also, the operating costs are not very high.

Hydraulic Attachments

Many companies are also using hydraulic attachments to speed up their work. Mainly used for excavation, these attachments are low-priced and durable. They are mostly used in coal mining, excavation, scrap handling, demolition sites, etc. Their capacity ranges from 7 to 40 tons, and can be manufactured according to specific requirements. 

The following are the most commonly used hydraulic attachments:-

  • Hydraulic Pulverizer
  • Clamshells Bucket
  • Rotation Crusher
  • Heavy Duty Grapple
  • Quick Coupler
  • Wood Grab
  • Orange Grapple
  • Vibrating Compactor
  • Hydraulic Ripper
  • Rotational Shear  

Hydraulic Rock Breakers

As we have seen so far, hydraulic technology has revolutionized the infrastructure industry. It is used in all aspects of the industry. However, hydraulic technology has proved to be a huge boon for rock breaking. To develop infrastructure, we need to break through huge rocks, and hydraulic rock breakers are the perfect machinery. They are used for demolition of concrete construction, rock breaking, boulder breaking, road work, underground excavation and tunnel excavation. 

Hydraulic rock breakers are available in two forms – Pure Rock Breakers and GAS Rock Breakers. Furthermore, you also get a choice of Small Rock Breaker, Medium Rock Breaker, and Heavy Rock Breaker, so, you can choose according to your need. 

These are just a few of the hydraulic machinery and attachments we have seen. There are many others that are changing the way infrastructure is developed. Gone are the days, when companies had to invest a lot of time and money in machinery that was also not living up to its full potential. However, all that has changed because of hydraulic technology.

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