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Hydraulic Technology - Taking our Infrastructure into the Future

Posted on 10th May 2016

As of now, India is going through the ‘Era of Infrastructure’.  Development is reaching the far corners of the country and infrastructure is bolstering our economy to heights it has never seen. This rapid development is expected to continue for a long time. Technology has been a real game-changer in infrastructure development. Today, India is consistently manufacturing international quality machineries and equipment that are being used in Mining, Drilling, Construction and Demolition. 

At the heart of all the machinery is Hydraulic Technology. In Hydraulic Technology, the machine contains multiple hydraulic motors and cylinders. Hydraulic fluid, controlled by control valves, passes the machine through hoses and tubes, generating vast power. Hydraulic equipment and powered machineries are mainly used in the Earthmoving & Construction Equipment sector. Popular machines like hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, motor graders, vibratory compactors, dumpers, cranes, forklifts, trucks, bulldozers, pavers, etc. are making use of hydraulic technology.  

These machines generate high power and greatly increase the speed and capability of work. They are capable of vast labour-intensive work, reducing the need for additional labour. Many companies are investing in hydraulic machinery through purchase from reputed companies.

Advantages of Hydraulic Technology 

High Productivity – Since hydraulic technology is a superior technology, its productivity is considerably higher, resulting in lower operating costs and higher profits. 

Increase Torque and Force – One of the main functions of Hydraulic Technology is increasing torque and force easily, irrespective of the distance between the control valve and the area of output. 

Less Dependency on Gears and Levers – Gears and levers are considered today as old technology. They have the tendency to breakdown and can be expensive to replace. Hydraulics can completely or partially replace them. However, in some machines, hydraulics combines with gears and levers to provide optimum output.  

Durability – Hydraulic technology is durable. Though the durability of machines and attachments is dependent on the manufacturer, but when purchased from reputed companies like INDUS Rock Tool, their durability is certain and they have a longer work life. 

Examples of Hydraulic Machinery 


Hydraulic Rock Breakers 

Hydraulic Rock Breakers are quite popularly used in the Mining, Drilling, Construction and Demolition industries. Divided into 3 categories – Small, Medium & Heavy Duty – these Rock Breakers are further divided into 2 different technologies – Pure Rock Breakers & GAS Rock Breakers. The capability of the Small Rock Breaker is 1 to 12 tons, 10 to 30 tons of the Medium Rock Breaker and 18 to 120 tons of the Heavy Duty Rock Breaker.

Many companies prefer buying hydraulic breakers as they are low in cost and high in returns. Also, maintaining them is quite simple. They are playing a huge role in boosting the infrastructure industry.

Hydraulic Attachments 

Hydraulic Attachments are widely used for work like coal handling, scrap handling, excavation, etc. They have a massive capacity and are perfectly suited for Excavators and Wheel Loaders with a capacity ranging 7 to 40 tons. They are low cost and produce exceptional results. They have various models according to specific requirements. Hydraulic Attachments are also quite easy to maintain. Here’s list of Hydraulic Attachments widely used in various industries:-

  • Clamshells Bucket
  • Rotation Crusher
  • Heavy Duty Grapple
  • Orange Grapple
  • Vibrating Compactor
  • Hydraulic Pulverizer
  • Hydraulic Ripper
  • Rotational Shear
  • Quick Coupler
  • Wood Grab

Hydraulic Technology is the future. Gradually, machines using old technologies are being phased out. India is a country on the express path towards development. Therefore, companies belonging to the Mining, Drilling, Construction and Demolition industries are investing in hydraulic machines, equipment and attachments and are reaping the benefits.

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