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Hydraulic cone crusher maintenance tips

Posted on 16th May 2015

Hydraulic cone crusher is among the best crushing machines available for the various crushing works. This is a hugely popular machine among the construction workers. Proper maintenance of the machine has to be done regularly by the users. This will enable better performance of the machine.

Use good Hydraulic oil

One of the most important things to remember for the proper maintenance of the hydraulic crusher is that the person using the machine has to use the best Hydraulic oil. Using sub standard oil may affect the working of the machine consequently. Hence it is very important that the person uses the best oil available for the machine. This will ensure better working of the machine for sure.

Read user’s manual well

When the Heavy Construction Equipment Manufacturers make the machines, they give a booklet along with it to maintain the machine in good use. One must religiously read the manual and enhance their knowledge on the proper usage and maintenance of the machines.

Use machines carefully at work

When using such machines during the demolition work, one must take ample care to see that no debris, oil, water from outside enter the machines. That may harm the machines working capacity greatly. That has to be kept in mind by the individuals using such machines in the long run.

Check fuel filter

The fuel filter of the machine must also be checked frequently. If the fuel filter is dirty, chances are that the fuel will be dirty and this will have negative impacts on the working of the machine. To ensure that the machine performs to its best of abilities, check for the fuel filter and clean it properly after a span of a few weeks.

Check fittings of machine

All the fittings and joints of the machine must be checked often so as to look for any loopholes. This will ensure that the machine is in good working condition and accidents at work can also be avoided.

Check area of work

Checking the area where the machine will be working before actually using the machine will also be of much help for the machines. This will also reduce the pressure of work on the machines and you will not tire the machine. One must check the area and then make the machine ready so that they can perform to their best on the area.

Regular checkups

Mining equipment manufacturers in India often ask the users of such machines to take the machines for checkups. This is also helpful as they will be conducting a thorough check up to ensure that the machine will be working to its optimum level. The individuals must take the machines to the manufacturers once every year to check that the machines are in good working order.

Therefore these are some of the steps one can take for the proper maintenance of the Hydraulic cone crusher machines. This will enable one to use the machine for a long period of time and also in good working condition.

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